Aqua Pulse Metal Detectors

Aqua Pulse Metal Detectors are manufactured by Aquascan International LLC.  These detectors are used by many professionals in the fields of Treasure Hunting, Archaeology and Shipwreck Recovery. Bradley "Brad" Williamson provides a detailed review and evaluation.


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Aqua Pulse Metal Detectors

by Bradley "Brad" Williamson

I purchased my first Aqua Pulse detector 10 years ago and I still have it and use it. It is a very rugged andAquascan Detector durable detector and one of the most sensitive detectors I have every used. It is a little costly but well worth the investment. Many of the other professional marine recovery companies and treasure hunters use this detector.

This detector lacks some of the accessories found on other detectors such as a visible battery meter or light to make it easy to view the current battery charge. Nor are the rechargeable batteries exchangeable with standard batteries such as they are with the Minelab, Excalibur, detector. These are minor sacrifices considering the simplicity of operation of the Aqua Pulse detector and the extreme rugged durability of the Aqua Pulse.

Aquascan International LLC is based in England. Aquascan International LLC has over 25 years experience in underwater metal detection for commercial operations, serious treasure hunters and hobbyists alike. The market place for their products and services is truly worldwide with a high proportion of the business being export based. The USA forms an important part of the export business, with many sales in the Florida area. They have a network of trade outlets covering many countries offering sales and support on a local basis.

Aquascan International LLC sells worldwide through a network of representatives. For service or sales outside of the UK, please contact your local representative.

The AQUAPULSE 1B underwater metal detector has featured in every conceivable underwater application around the world in the past decade with an exceptional degree of success.
The AQUAPULSE 1B (38cm) is an underwater metal detector employing a large diameter search head mounted on the end of a telescopic arm. The 1B can detect objects up to a range of 3m (10ft). This makes it the most powerful unit on the market. Apart from the sensitivity threshold control, the 1B underwater metal detector has an additional control to enable the whole range of AQUAPULSE coils and accessories to be used with it. The same control can be used to reject surface clutter such as ring pulls, cigarette foil etc., often found buried in the sand or mud. The internal NiMH battery pack allows in the order of 10 hours operation.

Used with their new Jet Probe burrowing accessory, the Aquapulse can be used to pinpoint buried objects in up to 3m of sand or sediment, thus minimizing the amount of dredging required. The objects depth of burial can also be determined

Police/Armed Forces
Provides a positive search and location tool for recovery of all types of metallic weapons & arms etc. Effective in a wide range of situations, particularly low visibility or where items have become camouflaged or buried. 

Recovery of a wide range of items including lost anchors, chains, tools outboards etc., plus the recovery of cargo and valuables from scattered and buried wrecks.

Wide range of commercial underwater survey tasks including location and tracking of cables, pipelines and general metallic debris.

Meets the need for a general purpose marine survey tool, specifically for locating and mapping sites of archaeological interest in terms of the distribution of metallic objects.


The system is designed to be mounted in 3 ways - belt mounted (pictured above), clipped to a karabiner or mounted to the optional armsaver. A velco system is utilised to assist with attaching each mounting method, and also holds the unit secure when in operation. Recent improvements to the design make it much more robust than previous models.

For more information about this and other products produced by Aquascan International LLC visit their website at


Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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