Treasure Hunt TV Show

This video is of an exciting TV show about a treasure hunt to find shipwrecks and recover sunken treasure. This TV show about treasure hunting was the creation of Mick Murray and Dan Griego. The team which is on the treasure hunt to locate the shipwrecks and sunken treasure is comprised members of elite US Military Special Operations Units, such as the Marines Force Recon and rugged successful Treasure Hunters who have recovered treasures around the world.


Mission Statement:

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonTo ensure the continuation of our successful expeditions, both domestic and international, based on factual historical and archival research, utilizing the best professionals in the industry. Also to provide a return on investment while maintaining the highest archaeological standards.


Company Motto:

Insisto Vestri Somnium

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonInsistion Vestri Somnium is Latin for "Follow Your Dream". We invite you join us and follow your dream to find Lost & Sunken Treasure!

Welcome to Treasure & Adventure:

Treasure Expeditions Bradley, Brad, WilliamsonWe invite you to join us either by following us on our site or actually joining us in our quests of excitement and adventure as we search for, locate and recover rare artifacts and treasures.


Treasure Hunt TV Show - the team is on a quest to locate three shipwrecks carrying sunken treasure.

Movie Clip Featuring Members of the Treasure Expeditions Team

In this clip you will also see some of the team members of Treasure Expeditions, including the CEO Bradley "Brad" Williamson and Honorary Advisor, Bob "Frogfoot" Weller. Also Dan Griego and Mick Murray.

We all had a great time filming for this TV show and it was a very fun and exciting experience. Since the filming of this clip the production potential for this TV show has greatly expanded and now includes not only shipwrecks and sunken treasure but also buried treasure from pirates, lost gold mines, etc. And it has also expanded to include both domestic and international expeditions for lost and sunken treasure.



Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery

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Treasure Chest Underwater Archaeology Queen's Jewels Silver Bar and Coins Gold Coins and Chain Underwater Cannon Gold Doubloons and Divider 
themed object
Treasure Expeditions: treasure hunting, archaeology and shipwreck recovery
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