1715 Treasure Fleet Adventure

This is the Chance to be Part of an Adventure of a Lifetime!

In 1715 a fleet of Spanish treasure galleons sank off the coast of Florida with a documented treasure of over 14 million pesos, worth over 950 million in today’s market, with much of it still waiting to be found, including the famous “Queen’s Jewels". This is a Treasure Expedition to recover the Treasure and a chance to be a part of it.


The 1715 Treasure Fleet Adventure and a chance to be part of the Treasure Expedition

1715 treasure fleet shipwreckUpon Spain’s conquest of the “New World” (Central and South America) Spain quickly amassed and continued to amass a fortune in silver, gold, emeralds, etc., from the conquest of the Aztecs, Incas and other indigenous people of Central America and South America. Each year Spain would send a fleet of ships to gather the vast wealth in treasure continuously being produced in the New World. However due to the war of the Spanish Succession, Spain was unable to send a fleet for several years. Each year the wealth of silver, gold, emeralds and jewelry continued to pile up. In 1715, at the end of the war, Spain was finally able to send a fleet to gather all the treasure which had been amassing for several years, including the famous Queen’s Jewels.

The ships loaded as much treasure as they could carry they and were sailing along the coastline of Florida when a devastating hurricane came upon them and drove all the ships onto the Florida reefs. Over 800 people lost their lives and the treasure, an estimated 950 million in today’s market, in gold, silver, emeralds, jewelry, etc., went to the bottom in the shipwrecks. And to this date much of the treasure is still there waiting to be recovered.


In 1715 a fleet of Spanish treasure galleons sank off the coast of Florida with a documented treasure of over 14queens jewels from 1715 treasure fleet million pesos, worth over 950 million in today’s market, with much of it still waiting to be found, including the famous “Queen’s Jewels". We will be using the famous treasure recovery vessel, Pandion to recover the treasure. The Pandion is responsible for more treasure being recovered than any other vessel her size. The Pandion is perfect for working the shipwreck sites of the 1715 Treasure Fleet. We have several targets where we will be recovering treasure Including the famous “Royals Ville” as it was called by Bob Weller. Lt. Commander Bob Weller, aka Bob “Frogfoot” Weller. Bob was one of the most successful salvagers on the 1715 Treasure Fleet and authored over six books on sunken treasure. Bradley Williamson worked with Bob for over 25 years and has all his research and documentation, including the area Bob called “Royals Ville” where there are still Gold Royals waiting to be recovered. Gold Royals were gold coins which were perfectly made by hand for the royal family of Spain. Royals are very rare and recently a gold royal was auctioned at approx. 500,000.00.

pandion treasure salvage vessel1715 fleet queens jewels

Treasure Targets for 1715 Treasure Fleet Adventure

  • Bob Weller had an area on one of the shipwreck sites of the 1715 Treasure Fleet that he called “Royals Ville” because of all the extremely valuable Gold Royal Coins in this area. Royals were coins perfectly made by hand for the royal family of Spain. Bradley Williamson worked with Bob for over 25 years and Bobgold royal from 1715 treasure fleet considered him his son. Before Bob passed away he shared with Brad the location of “Royals Ville” and said that there are still many Royals there. Bob said that when the area was worked many of the gold coins and gold royals were found under extremely large stones which took a lot of work and a lot of strength to move. Bob said many of these stones were never moved and that if anyone were to go back to his site, “Royals Ville” and move the large, heavy stones that there would be many gold coins and gold royal coins under the stones. Just one Gold Royal coin can easily be worth 500,000.00
  • Also, Jack Haskins was arguably one of the best archival researchers responsible for the location and recovery of some of the most famous and valuable shipwrecks including the Concepcion and the Maravillas along with many others. Jack passed away and left Carl with all of his confidential and proprietary research including 200 pages of never before seen research on the 1715 Treasure Fleet and Jack’s personal notebook of the locations where he was picking up gold coins and treasure. We will also be working where, based on Jack Haskins’ research, there should be gold coins and treasure.

Executive Bios: Captain Bradley Williamson and Captain Carl Fismer

bob weller and jack haskinsBoth Captain Carl “Fizz” Fismer and Captain Bradley “Brad” Williamson were the Protégé of two legends in the industry. Commander Bob Weller and Jack Haskins. These two men successfully recovered large amounts of treasure from many shipwrecks including both domestic and international projects. Between them they have written numerous books, been the subject of much favorable media coverage and have amassed a large amount of valuable and confidential research. It was due to their high skill level and valuable research that they were extremely successful. Brad apprenticed under Bob Weller for over 25 years and Carl apprenticed under Jack Haskins for over 30 years. Carl and Brad are working together using the private and confidential research of both Bob Weller, which Bob gave to Brad, and Jack Haskins, which Jack gave to Carl, and using the famous salvage vessel Pandion to recover treasure from the 1715 Treasure Fleet.

Captain Carl Fismer

carl fismerCarl has worked over 300 shipwrecks in the United States, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Indian Ocean and Central and South America. He has recovered millions of dollars in Spanish gold, silver, jewels and other artifacts.

In 1986, he led an expedition to the Silver Shoals in the Dominican Republic, and there located the famed galleon, Concepcion which sank during a hurricane in 1641. In 1992, he traveled to Sri Lanka to treasure dive with Sir Arthur C. Clarke of 2001: A Space Odyssey fame, in association with the Great Basses Reef Treasures. In May, 2010, Captain Fismer was awarded the Mel Fisher Lifetime Achievement Award for perseverance in following his quest for life, his motivation of mankind in the search for knowledge, discovery and the ambitions of the human spirit and the ability to achieve in life what others might only dare to dream.

Captain Bradley Williamson

bradley williamsonBrad is an adventure junkie, successful treasure hunter and scientist. He has traveled the globe in many of his adventures and has successfully recovered both buried and sunken treasure. His adventures and successful recoveries have been featured in numerous books, magazines and media. Brad has stared in numerous TV shows including Expedition Unknown and Caribbean Gold, on both the Travel Channel and The Discovery Channel. He has also been an advisor on major motion pictures including Fools Gold featuring celebrities, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson and Donald Sutherland.

Brad speaks six languages and is currently wrapping up a degree in biotechnology (genetic engineering) and working towards his MD/PhD. For many years Brad has successfully been recovering treasure from shipwrecks, including the Famous 1715 Treasure Fleet, where he has recovered silver pieces of eight, gold doubloons, rare artifacts, jewelry, etc., and he knows there is still a fortune to be found on the 1715 Treasure Fleet Including the Queens Jewels.

1715 Treasure Fleet Adventure Offer for 2019

We are offering the opportunity to break free from the mundane and experience an adventure filled with excitement unlike any other experience you will ever have in your lifetime; because we are offering the chance to be part of a REAL expedition to recover sunken treasure. All this for the same amount you would spend on an ordinary and mundane dive vacation.

We have a limited amount of openings and they have been going fast so we only have a few left. You can come on board and be part of the team and have a once in a lifetime adventure of diving on sunken Spanish galleons and finding treasure for as little as 1,000. And "Yes" we accept credit cards.

Most importantly, this also entitles you to come on board and dive with us for sunken treasure on the famous 1715 Treasure Fleet and be a part of the adventure and recover treasure.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and if you would like a copy for review of our formal agreement and contract.

To contact Brad or Carl for more information

Brad (Phone) 561-512-7486 (Email) Brad@TreasureExpeditions.Com

Carl (phone) 305-924-0163 (Email) captainfizz@yahoo.com

The adventures you will have, the stories you will be able to tell, the friendships you will make, these are the real treasures. This is what dreams are made of…..

carl fismerbrad williamson and bob weller with goldbob weller and queens jewels

The photos show, from left to right, Capt. Carl Fismer with some Gold Doubloons he recovered from the 1715 Treasure Fleet. Bob Weller with Capt. Bradley Williamson and their wives with Brad's first Gold Doubloon he found on the 1715 Treasure Fleet. Lastly is the photo of Bob Weller with Gold and Diamond jewelry found on the 1715 Fleet.