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President & CEO of Treasure Expeditions

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President & CEO of Treasure Expeditions

Treasure Expeditions Inc, & TreasureExpeditions.Com was dream of mine for a long time that I wanted create to help people live out their own adventures and expeditions to find Lost Treasure. I was lucky when younger that I got to meet some of the legends in this industry who found amazing and famous treasures, Mel Fisher, Commander Bob "Frogfoot" Weller and Captain Carl "Fizz" Fismer. They were great influences in my life and I was also blessed to be able to work with them for many years on several exciting treasure expeditions and find both buried and sunken treasure. Since I was blessed, I wanted to give back and create a place where anyone wanting to find either pirate treasures, sunken treasures, buried treasures, lost cities, gold mines, etc. could find accurate & truthful information, assistance and friendship to help with their expedition for treasure. For more info: www.BradleyWilliamson.Com

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A little of my Background

How I Became a Treasure Hunter and Found Treasure!

Bio of Bradley Williamson, CEO & President

I just wanted to share a little with you about my background and how I got involved in doing treasure recoveries around the globe. I guess it all started when I was around twelve. I was down in Key West and I was out doing some exploring and I saw off in the distance a majestic looking pirate ship. I was excited and intrigued so I decided to take a look. When I arrived at the pirate ship there was a plank leading on-board - so I slowly went aboard. I wandered around and I couldn't find anyone. I went to the forward part of the pirate vessel and there was a ladder leading downstairs - so down I went.

When I reached the bottom, I looked around and everywhere I looked there were displays of Treasure. I saw a chest of gold doubloons with the skeleton of a pirate guarding it. Piles of silver bars, Crosses made out of gold and emeralds, necklaces of gold and rubies, gold chalices, etc. Seeing all this, something woke up inside me and has never gone back to sleep - a desire and a thirst for adventure and exploration.

I was alive with excitement as I was leaving the "Pirate" ship and walking back down the gangplank to the dock when a man coming up the plank stopped and talked to me. He invited me back aboard the pirate ship and introduced me to the young lady running the gift shop. The gentleman stated, "This is my close friend and I want you to give him a personal tour of the treasure museum and he gets to pick one thing out of the gift shop, whatever he wants." That man was the famous Mel Fisher. Mel was a famous diver and found a fortune in treasure on the 1715 Treasure Fleet which sank off the east coast of Florida. Later he went on to find the sunken Spanish treasure galleon, The Atocha, and recovered over 700 million dollars in treasure from the Atocha.

After that fateful day, my life changed forever! I started reading every book I could find about lost treasures, I became a certified diver at the age of twelve and since received every possible dive certification. When other kids were reading about football or baseball players, I was reading about metal detectors, side scan sonar units, ground penetrating radar, etc. growing up I went on a lot of expeditons searching for the lost treasure of the Incas, searching for pirate treasure, etc. Later, this actuall became a career for me. I am truly blessed that my life has been a life of excitement and adventure, going on expeditions around the globe and finding lost and sunken treasure. If you would like more information about me, my adventures, recovered treasures, filming for television, etc., please visit: www.BradleyWilliamson.Com Since I was blessed to have people like Mel Fisher, Commander Bob "Frogfoot" Weller and Carl "Fizz" Fismer a part of my life and help guide and assist me in my expeditions. I now want to give back and by creating this website I hope it will help and inspire others to live a life of excitement and adventure - Insisto Vestri Somnium (Follow You Dream).