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Frequently Asked Questions for Treasure Expeditions. Here we try to answer many of your questions regarding our refund policy, ordering, shipping, money back guarantee, etc. If you can't find the answer to your question please contact us either through our contact page or email and we will respond quickly.

General questions
This site is truly unique because we are the only site created by well known and successful treasure hunters. We are not businessmen. Amazon has one of the best systems in the world for handling, processing and fulfilling on-line orders. They also can offer any product at the lowest price and have a great customer service policy. Because of this we chose to partner with Amazon to provide our customers the best prices, the best shipping and customer service.
All the items offered for sale through Treasure Expeditions, except for rare and unique offers, are handled, processed and fulfilled through Amazon to offer our customers the best prices and best customer service. Amazon has an excellent refund policy and customer service. All refunds are handled through them..
Yes! The CEO and President, Bradley Williamson has over 25 years of successfully recovering both buried and sunken treasures. He has successfully found and recovered treasures both in the United States and Internationally and has appeared on numerous TV shows on major networks during prime time television. Carl Fismer has found treasures around the globe, published several books on treasure hunting and been the star of his own TV show on treasure hunting. There are many other contributors and all the contributors to TreasureExpeditions.Com have successfully recovered treasure.
Currently there are many websites about Sunken Treasure, Buried Treasure, Pirate Treasure, etc, on the web and many of these sites look great. However many of these sites are created by people that have never been in charge of a successful treasure recovery, they have never had to work with either domestic or international governments to obtain rights to recover treasure, they don't know how to obtain funding for an expeditions, etc. At Treasure Expeditions all the members and contributors to our site have and are currently in charge of successful treasure recovery projects. At Treasure Expeditions all the members and contributors have worked with all the various government agencies to obtain recovery rights, obtained funding, worked with archaeologist, etc. This assures that any information we present is unique and accurate!