Filming for TV Show Caribbean Pirate Treasure

Behind the scenes look at filming for TV show about Lost pirate Treasures

A new exciting TV show about pirates and pirate treasure has been released by the Travel Channel and the CEO Captain Bradley Williamson was one of the main characters in the pilot episode along with the stars of the show Philippe Cousteau and Ashlan Gorse.


Filming for TV Show Caribbean Pirate Treasure

Behind the Scenes of TV Show Caribbean Pirate Treasure - Pilot Episode

bradley-williamson-philipp-cousteau-caribbean-pirate-treasureThis was a lot of fun for me, Captain Bradley Williamson (the CEO of Treasure Expeditions Inc), to be one of the main characters in some fun and exciting filming for a new TV series that is being broadcast on the Travel Channel. The show is about pirates and pirate treasure. The show is being filmed in exotic locations including including the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, Mexico, etc. The producer contacted me regarding my knowledge about pirates and pirate treasure. He also knew that I had just finished doing successful presentations for Princess Cruise Lines aboard their newest and most luxurious cruise ship, the Regal Princess, about pirates and pirate treasures. Carl and I were actually rated as the top performers and show during the cruise. This award surprised both Carl and I but we were happy to be honored.

The producer, Bob Asher, meet up with me at a pirate festival where I was one of the guest presenters. They did some initial filming and it was decided to include me as one of the major characters in the pilot episode. My role was to introduce both Philippe Cousteau and his lovely wife Ashlan Cousteau to some history about pirates and their treasures. I even showed them some of the pirate treasures I have found.

The filming was based in the tropical Florida Keys and I met with the famous Philippe Cousteau Jr. and his lovely wife Ashlan Gorse Cousteau. Philippe Cousteau Jr. is the grandson of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau who invented SCUBA. All the scuba divers across the globe owe a debt of gratitude to Jacques Cousteau for his invention of scuba and opening up the amazing undersea world to all of us. Philippe is a legend in his own right with all of his foundations protecting the marine environment along with his hosting of TV shows for The Animal Planet, BBC, CNN, etc. His lovely wife is one of the television anchors for E!, Entertainment Television.

We filmed at a local restaurant located on the ocean in the Florida Keys. We used the dock at the restaurant for the place of my initial meeting with Philippe Cousteau and Ashlan Cousteau. We did a lot of the filming at a table out on the dock for the restaurant which overlooked the ocean. It was a lot of fun and they were both fun to work with and were extremely nice and friendly. To be honest it was very hot that day and i was trying to keep from sweating while they were filming. Luckily we had a nice breeze so that helped. The filming flowed nicely and we got almost all the filming segments in one shot with very few retakes.

jacques-yves-cousteau-calypsoAfter all the filming was wrapped up we had a great dinner at the restaurant Snooks. It was then that I found out that during the filming Ashlan Cousteau actually had the flu. I would never have known because when we were filming she always looked great and did a fantastic job. She is a trooper and a true professional. At dinner I was talking with Philippe Cousteau and the producer Bob Asher and I was amazed as to how many countries they had traveled to for filming. I thought I had traveled extensively but they put me to shame with all the countries they have worked in for filming. The diner was great and Bob, Philippe and Ashlan were gracious hosts and I headed back home after the day of filming for the pilot episode.

The filming was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time and it is an exciting show! I highly recommend the show and you can catch episodes of it on The Travel Channel.