Treasure Cruise - Pirates and Pirate Treasure

A spectacular cruise with lost and sunken treasure

Recently Captain Bradley Williamson, CEO of Treasure Expeditions Inc., and his good friend Captain Fizz, were contracted by Princess Cruise Lines to be guest speakers on their newest and most luxurious ship - The Regal Princess. We will be doing more of these cruises and will update on future exciting events.


Treasure Cruise - Pirates and Pirate Treasure

Imagine being on a luxurious cruise in the exotic and romantic Caribbean and now add the adventure and excitement of finding yourself caught up in the adventure of your lifetime - finding buried and sunken treasure.

treasure cruises enjoy a cruise with buried and sunken treasureRecently Princess Cruises, one of the worlds top cruise lines, contacted Bradley Williamson (me) to be a guest speaker for their cruise lines. They contracted me to be a presenter for their new series, "Treasures of the Caribbean". I invited one of my good friends and colleagues to join me, Captain Carl Fismer. Both Carl and I were excited and honored. The auditorium was large with over 1000 seats. We did presentations about some of the local legends of pirates and pirate treasure at some of the ports of call for the cruise ship. The shows were a great success and Princess Cruises rated the show as one of their top choices and best shows.

treasure cruises and shipwreck with underwater cannonActually what we enjoyed the most was the chance to personally meet with and have relaxing conversations with the attendees. Since we were on the cruise with them we would sometimes have relaxed personal conversations with many of the attendees at the pools, restaurants, clubs, etc. The passengers were excited to hear the local legends about many of the famous pirates that roamed the waters and also about some of the possible buried treasure or sunken treasure that could be found at some of the ports they were visiting. Many of them when arriving in port at one of the beautiful islands set off on their own exciting adventure to find sunken and buried treasure. Even if they didn't find anything i am sure they all still had a great adventure and some may have found some treasure.

treasure cruises and diving for sunken treasureSo now instead of the passengers just sitting around the cruise ship or going for the same old tours of each island and then going to some gift shop on an island - they were out on their own adventures for either a buried cache of pirate treasure or exploring and finding the remains of a Spanish treasure galleon. It was great to see many of the passengers enjoying both the relaxation of being on a luxurious cruise and at the same time have the adventure of their life. The islands are gorgeous with breath taking views and plenty of places to search for find buried treasure. And the waters are warm and gin clear to explore and find a lost treasure galleon and possibly sunken treasure.

I have done successful expeditions around globe and so has my friend Carl "Fizz" Fismer and we both have found buried and sunken treasure and have had some great and exciting adventures while finding treasure. successful treasure hunters bradley williamson and carl fismerThere is so much buried and sunken treasure that neither of us in our lifetime could even begin to attempt to recover it all. There is literally thousands upon thousands of caches of treasure whether it is buried or sunken treasure. So we are more than happy to share our knowledge of treasure troves in the ports and islands that we visit on each cruise so that the passengers can have an adventure that they have always dreamed of and thought only existed in movies. When they return back home instead of just the same standard pictures that everyone has when they go on a cruise now many of the passengers returned home with pictures of their adventure of their expeditions for buried and sunken treasure while on the cruise.

As you can see from the photos the Regal Princess is a truly luxurious cruise ship and one of the largest with great accommodations, restaurants, entertainment, spas, pools, gyms, theaters, etc. It was a great success and we now work with several cruise lines and we will notify every one of the next "Treasure Cruise" so you can join us. Who knows you may learn about the locations of possible buried and sunken treasure and while visiting one of the exotic ports you might find some buried or sunken treasure. That would not only be a great vacation but an exciting adventure.