Public Speaking - Treasure Hunting, Shipwreck Recovery and Archaeology

We give exciting and fun presentations about Sunken Treasures, Buried Treasures, Lost Gold Mines, Pirate Treasures, Lost Cities, Etc.

Many of the members of Treasure Expeditions and the CEO, Bradley Williamson, have been public speakers for several years along with appearing in numerous TV shows during prime time on major national networks. The members of Treasure Expeditions are often requested and sought after for their exciting and inspirational presentations. We have been contracted by Princess Cruise Lines, Divers Direct Corporation, etc. Along with paid presentations Brad also does volunteer presentations free of charge for local and national charities such as ARC (Advocates for the Rights of the Challenged).


Public Speaking - Treasure Hunting, Shipwreck Recovery and Archaeology

bradley williamson and carl fismer public speakingFor over 25 years, the CEO, Bradley "Brad" Williamson, has been leading successful expeditions, both domestic and international, to recover Lost & Sunken Treasure. Some of his successful international expeditions range from  recovering gold and silver treasures in Canadian waters to expeditions in Egypt for lost treasure such as the missing sarcophagus of the fourth dynasty pharaoh Menkaura. Here in the United States he has been leading successful expeditions into the Superstition Mountains in Arizona to solve the mystery of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine to recovering gold and silver sunken treasures from the 1715 Treasure Fleet. Many of Brad's exciting adventures and thrilling treasure expeditions have appeared on numerous TV shows during prime time on major national networks such as The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic, etc.

bradley williamson silver barSome of our other members such as Carl Fismer has recovered treasure from around the globe including the Maravillias wreck in the Bahamas, the Concepcion wreck in the Dominican Republic and the famous Taj Mahal wreck with Sir Arthur C. Clark. Carl Fismer was also the star of the hit TV show, Treasure Divers.

Recently we were contracted by Princess Cruise Lines and they awarded us the honor of being in their top three performances out their hundreds of performances. Princess Cruise Lines lines awarded us their coveted "Princess Pick" for our public speaking presentations being one of their top performances. The audiences loved the thrilling presentations and that we were personable and actively engaged the audiences in our presentations. In addition the audience greatly enjoyed, and we did also, that when we were not on stage that they could still meet with us and we would take the time to speak with them one on one.

For more information about out public speaking schedule or to contract us, we can be reached at: Admin@TreasureExpeditions.Com