Sunken Treasure & Sharks

A video clip from recent filming for TV show about sunken treasure and the sharks around the shipwreck

Filming is currently underway for a new TV show featuring Bradley Williamson and his exciting expeditions of Treasure Hunting, Sunken Treasure and Archaeology. Several of the top leaders in TV & Film are involved in the project. Currently The History Channel, National Geographic, TBS and others are interested in carrying the show on their network.


Film of Sunken Treasure, Sharks & Bradley "Brad" Williamson

This clip shows Bradley Williamson searching for Sunken Treasure. While searching for treasure from a shipwreck many sharks start to swim near and circle Brad. Everything about this movie clip is real, including the Sharks. These are real sharks in the open ocean.

Many people were involved in the filming of this clip including Brad's recovery team and the film and sound editors. This was filmed in South Florida. The documentary and TV special involves Bradley Williamson and his expeditions including Treasure Hunting, Sunken Treasure and Archaeology. The filming will include his many exciting quests and adventures.